In Par 2012: Innovative Parallel Computing  

C3SR will Develop technologies to improve cognitive application developers’ productivity on a heterogeneous infrastructure.

Three layers are pivotal to defining a computing paradigm: applications, software, and hardware. The recent shift of computing paradigm to cognitive computing has brought opportunities to rethink the design of the three layers and an end-to-end cross layer cognitive system optimization. This is exactly what the IBM-Illinois Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research (C3SR) is doing.

Experts from IBM and Illinois will research cognitive applications that improve a leaners’ experience by building a creative experiential learning advisor for suggesting projects, identifying pertinent concepts, and offering assessment questions. To accomplish this goal, C3SR will develop software frameworks to improve development of cognitive applications, hardware acceleration of data intensive cognitive workloads based on an open computing platform, OpenPOWER. The research cuts across all three layers so that issues can be addressed at the most appropriate level.

We envision technologies developed at the Center will dramatically accelerate the creation and deployment of large-scale, high-impact cognitive applications, be instrumental for the industry’s transition into the new era of cognitive computing, and benefit the next generation's education and learning experience.

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